Please carefully read the following Terms of Use.

You agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. That any information that I provide you with may not be published, printed, copied, stored, circulated, or transmitted in any form whatsoever without my prior written consent.

2. That your association with me and MC Retail Consulting – will make you privy to certain  confidential  information, and you agree not to disclose, communicate, divulge, or distribute any of this confidential information to any natural or juristic person, such as, but not  limited to, any  company, institution, government, suppliers, manufacturers, customers, colleagues, friends, or family members, irrespective of  whether  they  are  local  or  international.

3. That any verbal or telephonic communication, written advice, documents, catalogues, memoranda, power point presentation, information stored in “cloud”, notes, photographs, videos, digital recordings and other writings, including copies thereof relating to the confidential information which comes into your possession, will remain the intellectual property of MC Retail Consulting.

4. That this agreement will remain in perpetual force.

5. That failure to act in accordance with the above will result in legal action, and a possible damages claim.

6. That MC Retail Consulting reserves the right to make any changes at any time to the Terms of Service which will be posted on the website without prior notice. By continuing to use MC Retail Consulting services you indicate your acceptance of the amended Terms of Service.

7. MC Consulting and associates disclaims legal responsibility for any loss of profit, or any consequential, incidental, and/or other damages resulting from the use and mis-use of any information, contents and/or other written shared documents contained on this blog.

8. Under no circumstances will MC Retail Consulting and associates be liable for any errors, omissions loss of damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any services provided and contained in the blog.

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